Comment 102 for bug 33617

Gabriel M. (gabrielm) wrote :

I'm about to attempt an install of Intrepid on a Thinkpad T22 and a T23 for some friends, so I disagree with the "this card is now too old to support" statement. What are you doing of Linux's reputation of running on old computers better than Windows XP? Nothing indicates these computers are dying, and my friends may be using them for the next 5 years. Will there be 10 more versions of Ubuntu with this bug?

Also, what about the green "re-using" approach (and poorer countries)? It's easy to get a T22 (or replacement parts) on eBay for under 100$, there are about a thousand listings:
So why buy a newer and much more expensive laptop just for word processing and email??

In conclusion, since apparently we are so close to a fix (or a least an automatic workaround), I strongly suggest that this patch and all alternative solutions be reviewed and implemented in an update to Intrepid. For instance, in time for the inevitable 8.10.1.