Comment 35 for bug 385658

Bojan Vitnik (bvitnik) wrote :

Mario's patches introduce some regressions. Bridged AGP cards are affected because of the missing PCI-IDs in "nv_list.csv". I suppose "nv_list.csv" was based on NVKnownChipsets[] table from "nv_driver.c", but, as I already confirmed, NVKnownChipsets[] is not a complete table of all *supported* chips. Bridged AGP cards are handled differently by the code so their PCI-IDs are not listed in NVKnownChipsets[]. NVKnownChipsets[] is mare string reference. Affected PCI-IDs are 02E0-02E4 and 00F0-00FF. The result of all of this is that -nv is refusing to work with affected cards even when they are supported. In Jaunty, -nv worked just fine with my card - GeForce 7600 GS AGP, thou autodetection failed because of the same reason. Now in Karmic, autodetection works but driver fails to work.

More in the bug #385703 (read the last few comments).