Comment 12 for bug 385658

The original Jaunty patch referred to by Jerone is one I pulled in from RedHat, 170_primary_pci_video_device.patch. We were still carrying that patch up until the 28th (at which point it was dropped as already included in debian when was merged in).

But the actual cause of this is not a dropped patch but rather that the detection system has shifted from the pci.ids based system (local to Debian/Ubuntu) to being detected in xserver and the video drivers themselves, as discussed by previous commenters. It appears the issue is simply that this new logic is claiming support for this hardware in -nv incorrectly.

(WW) NV: Ignoring unsupported device 0x10de0866 (C79 [GeForce 9400M G]) at 03@00:00:0