Comment 21 for bug 333040

Gaetan Nadon (memsize) wrote :

I am not familiar enough with development on Linux to guide you through the easy way of doing this. Keep in mind you will now have to maintain the new object code you created, it will most likely break on the next update of xorg or kernel. Everyone will have a different opinion on this, I think installing driver would be considered by most as a lower level of difficulty compared to compiling.

I would read-up on both ways before making a decision. Neither solution is officially supported by Ubuntu, your best avenue for support is the forum, which often has proven to be gold.

Have you tried to delete xorg.conf and reboot? From what I understand, at least the vesa driver should give you a desktop. Given that it works on live cd, you can't be that far from a working solution. You could also reinstall, having backed-up your data first. All depends on if/why you need to be on an alpha version.