Comment 15 for bug 333040

I will be more than happy to keep an eye for them in the bug list if
it will help you out and save people the same issues I have had. I
hope my filing of this bug helped with your discover of this issue.

Should I take it from you comments that you would not like me to
attempt to fix this manually but rather wait until a patch has been
issued for this particular card?

On 3/24/09, Bryce Harrington <email address hidden> wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 09:29:16PM -0000, Gaetan Nadon wrote:
>> You have 3 choices when it comes to drivers:
>> 1) The default open source "nv" driver (2D only) maintained by Ubuntu
>> 2) The binary restricted driver (offered by the restricted driver manager
>> - nvidia-glx) which comes from nVidia but is packaged (but not supported)
>> by Ubuntu. Driver 177 in Intrepid does support your card.
>> 3) The binary nVidia driver obtained directly from which is
>> shell script installed. This is not supported by Ubuntu
> 4) The -nouveau driver, which is still highly experimental but is our
> long term future hope
> 5) The -vesa driver, which is stable but very limited
> I've learned recently that a number of PCIIDs are missing from -nv due
> to differences between how Debian (and us) handle PCIIDs and how
> upstream -nv is doing it. Debian/Ubuntu expects them to be listed
> explicitly, however upstream is using a wildcarding approach.
> Since upstream is using the wildcarding approach, that sounds like the
> way we should be doing it, however switching to that this late in the
> release cycle may incur too large a risk of regression, so possibly the
> safest/easiest thing would be for us to just collate the PCIIDs manually
> ourselves. I don't know how much time I'll have to do this before
> release, so would greatly appreciate any assistance in tracking down
> bugs like this one, that can be resolved by adding the PCIIDs. If you
> locate such bugs, please feel free to assign them to me to look at.
> (It would help to make sure the title says something like
> "...add support for <cardname>" in them, as that'd clue me in.
> Bryce
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> -nv reports it does not support GeForce 9100M G
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