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Xorg.0.log showing a vesa boot

Forwarding this bug from a Ubuntu reporter:

The GeForce 7100 (10de:016a) is not listed in nv_driver.c, causing a fallback to the vesa driver when booting X on this hardware.

(This subsequently causes kwin to fail and a black screen to be displayed instead, but that's a separate issue.)

[Original Report]
CD/DVD VARIANT: 32/64 bit Kubuntu desktop cd
ISO BUILD: 20081218.5

SYMPTOMS: In oem mode once the enduser has run through the 4 setup question the screen flickers as though to go into the new desktop or kdm. Instead you are presented with a black screen with a white outlined black cross on it an nothing else.

CAUSE: Unknown

1/ install oem version of Kubuntu
2/ Oem side is correct restart into enduser mode
3/ End user mode works till you see the screen flicker ready for the new kdm or user desktop
4/ At this point you get the black screen with the white outlined black cross.