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EricDP (eric-arcticbears) wrote : Re: [arrandale] Samsung QX310/QX410/QX510/SF310/SF410/SF510/NF210/RF410/RF510/RF710 trackpad/touchpad not recognized

Patch for 2.6.38 attached. To build the module, here's what I did:

- ensure you have the kernel sources and kernel headers for 2.6.38
- cd into the directory with the source files elantech.c and elantech.h (I
believe it's ends with drivers/input/mouse in the source tree)
- to patch, do "patch < 01elantech_2.6.38.patch"
- to build, go back up to the root of your sources and do "make -C
/usr/src/linux-headers-`uname -r` SUBDIRS=`pwd`
drivers/input/mouse/psmouse.ko". You shouldn't get any errors. If you do,
ensure you are in the right directory.
- then cd back into the directory with the sources for elantech.(c|h) and you
should see a built psmouse.ko. Do "rmmod psmouse" to remove the current driver
from memory and "insmod ./psmouse.ko" to insert the new one. This will only
affect the running system--it will revert on reboot.
- if all works and you like it, you can install the new one by finding your
current psmouse.ko (probably somewhere like /lib/modules/(kernel
version)/kernel/drivers/input/mouse) and replacing it. Keep the original as