Comment 83 for bug 568779

cshannon1077 (cshannon1077) wrote :

I downloaded the 64 bit 10.04 4/30/10. I burned the image to CD. I did a fresh image with a different burn program. I took the CD to my new Toshiba Satellite laptop. It would not boot. Fatal error. Third try - I downloaded a 32 bit and burned an image to CD. I took it to the laptop and got the same result. I installed a fresh version of 9.10, did updates, and then I tried a live upgrade. It appeared to complete okay. When I boot up, I get the purple screen, and then I hear the music and then it goes black. I see some hard disk activity for a few minutes, but nothing ever happens. If I hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 or F2 or Alt F1 or F2, nothing ever happens. I hope someone can fix this.