Comment 73 for bug 568779

I don't know about a "shift key" mode, but if your machine pauses in
the GRUB menu, move the cursor down to highlight the option below your
main one which says "recovery mode"

You will see a bit of booting text until you finally come to a text
menu from which you select "failsafe boot mode" (I'm working from
memory here).

A few more screens and select "boot this one time only" (I'm paraphrasing).

You are now gold.

If your GRUB menu (aptly named, it's pretty messy to deal with)
doesn't pause but goes directly into the boot process, press the ESC

Instructions here:

DON'T PANIC. Ubuntu works fine. You just lose the 3D. In fact, unlike
the Windows version of safe mode, I don't even realize I'm working in
a reduced environment as videos and flash play at full speed (except
for the nifty 3D compositing effects of course.)

Apparently on the release CD's Canonical downgraded the faulty Intel
chipsets to run in safe mode automatically on problematic machines but
I haven't checked the MD5's of the released ISO's yet.


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On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 3:50 AM, Vilius <email address hidden> wrote:
> *** This bug is a duplicate of bug 541511 ***
> Just upgraded my ThinkPad R50e from 9.10 to 10.04. Cannot get any
> further than black screen.
>> 1. After power on your PC, press shift (keep press) until see boot loader menu. Choose a recovery mode option.
> Nothing happens if I hold Shift. How do I get into the recovery mode?
> --
> [i855] 10.04 rc boots into black/blank screen
> You received this bug notification because you are a direct subscriber
> of a duplicate bug (via bug 541511).
> Status in “xserver-xorg-video-intel” package in Ubuntu: Triaged
> Bug description:
> I try to boot ubuntu 10.04 rc livecd (32 bit) via hd.
> I can see the Purple ubuntu loading for less than a second , then it turns into blank black screen and nothing happens after, cannot use it or login. It seems that the live ubuntu completely crashed. I try to press ctrl+alt+f1/f2..., then capslock, but there is no response. So I can do nothing, except pressing the power button to shutdown my laptop.
> My laptop is BenQ Joybook 5000U, with a Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated graphics card, Pentium M 1.3GHz CPU, 1G DDR2 RAM.
> The earlier livecd, 10.04 Beta2, boots perfectly on my laptop, with compiz enabled, but the RC version of livecd always fails.
> There must be a bug on X or gdm, or video driver. When it trys to start gdm after boot logo, it always turn into blank black screen, with key board locked. I hope this problem will not appear on the final release.
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