Comment 26 for bug 432521

chiefaua (tom-t) wrote :


After installing this update, the login screen (kdm in my case) doesn't show up any more. I only get a black screen with sometimes video garbage.
Changing to another VT doesn't work, there is also only a black screen with a lonley "_" somewhere on the screen (not in the native video resolution by the way).
Restarting in recovery mode or with the nomodeset kernel parameter does work sometimes, sometimes this only leads to a black screen as well. Sometimes, after starting in recovery mode or with nomodeset, the normal startup works again once, but after another restart the black screen problem occurs again.

I would like to test if my problem really relates to the latest update, but I couldn't find the older package any more. Where can I find it, and would there be a problem if I simply reinstall the older package?