Comment 127 for bug 314928

Bart Rose (jbrose3) wrote :

I removed my fix from above to see if this had been fixed for me in subsequent updates and it has not. Here is my output with fixes removed:

bart@bart-laptop:~$ cat /proc/mtrr
reg00: base=0x0fffe0000 ( 4095MB), size= 128KB, count=1: write-protect
reg01: base=0x0fffc0000 ( 4095MB), size= 128KB, count=1: uncachable
reg02: base=0x000000000 ( 0MB), size= 512MB, count=1: write-back
reg03: base=0x020000000 ( 512MB), size= 512MB, count=1: write-back
reg04: base=0x03f800000 ( 1016MB), size= 8MB, count=1: uncachable
reg05: base=0x03f600000 ( 1014MB), size= 2MB, count=1: uncachable
reg06: base=0x03f500000 ( 1013MB), size= 1MB, count=1: uncachable
reg07: base=0x000000000 ( 0MB), size= 128KB, count=1: uncachable

bart@bart-laptop:~$ dmesg | grep MTRR
[ 0.000000] MTRR default type: uncachable
[ 0.000000] MTRR fixed ranges enabled:
[ 0.000000] MTRR variable ranges enabled:
[ 14.065032] mtrr: no more MTRRs available
[ 14.065042] [drm] MTRR allocation failed. Graphics performance may suffer.

Tom, which graphics chipset are you using? Mine is a GME945.