Comment 9 for bug 282010

DonQuichote (xubuntu-w-p) wrote :

I upgraded to 9.04 as well, and it scared the hell out of me. The "known problems" talk about some intel video cards, but I did not think it would lock up the system that hard. AND in the middle of an upgrade! Nothing reacted: no terminal keys, no CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE, nothing. Only the "off" switch.

I finally got things working though by disabling all acceleration in xorg.conf. But no action game runs any longer. Unreal Tournament is barely playable (but the fastest of them all, even though it's a Windows game), and other games (OpenArena, Briquolo) have turned to just watch-and-die games.

Again, it was a very instructive experience. But not one for newbies or the faint of heart. I would almost suggest "fixing" xorg.conf temporarily during an upgrade by disabling hardware acceleration. And fixing it back only after the upgrade has finished. I have no idea if this is possible though.