Comment 18 for bug 268529

Iztok Jeras (iztok.jeras) wrote :

I tried booth alpha 5 and 6 of INtrepid on my B202. With alpha 5 Xorg did not work, with slightly before alpha 6 the Intel driver was changed, and now X starts and the 1600x1200 resolution is correctly detected on my monitor (I connected B202 to my monitor using a DVI to VGA adapter, since DVI on the monitor is used by my primary PC). The Alpha 6 live CD works fine too.
There might still be some problems since although the connected monitor works fine, two monitors are detected by X, this seems not to be a problem, but I am not sure that it does not unnecessarily drain system resources.

Please ask if you need any details, I am going to test most prereleases of Intrepid on the B202.