Comment 142 for bug 259385


I'm not sure what you want tested. I looked at the notes preceding yours and they mentioned a bunch of different things to try.

Perhaps you mean the (Bleeding-Edge) in ubuntuforums Jaunty Intel Performance Guide?

Here's where I am. Everything's running karmic updated as of today, however there haven't been many updates the last few days.

i845 on this IBM ThinkCentre A30 tower 2 gHz Celeron 1 gb memory with karmic will run:

Driver "Intel"
Option "AccelMethod" "uxa"
Option "Tiling" "false" # tiling scrambles up GlxGears display

it runs GtkPerf of 38 to 41. Flash video jerky.

Driver "vesa"

it runs GtkPerf of 28 to 29. Flash video jerky.

(!). Go figure. Obviously I run with "vesa" on the i845, except for testing purposes.

I'm into applications, firefox, flash video internet news, openoffice write & calc, internet mail, digital picture manipulation, ... so I consider Compiz a hindrance because it steals CPU cycles for fancy desktop effects. Hence I turn it off even on the pc's where it will work.

i830 on IBM Thinkpad R31 1.0 gHz Celeron karmic

Driver "vesa" gets flickering black screen. Can't use "vesa".

With default driver 2.7.0 which says it is for i830M etc. in Xorg.0.log I assume it's running "uxa".

GtkPerf is about 35. Flash video jerky.

On Thinkpad T40 ati video GtkPerf is about 13. That's a 1.5 gHz Pentium, karmic. Flash video good.
On Compaq Presario ati video 3.3 gHz GtkPerf gets 10 or a little less. Flash video nice.

Conclusion the i845 Celeron 2.0 gHz is relatively slower which was my opinion even on XP.

Jaunty and Karmic have not been usable on the i830 because of "font smear", see Bugzilla bug 21415. Intrepid runs fine, granted I don't do Compiz.

They claim to have a fix in process but I don't know how to test it, or whether Ubuntu will pick up the fix. Do you have any clue?

Let me have a go at karmic with (Bleeding-Edge) suggestions on the i830. It's a bit of a slog to do much with the fonts smearing all the time making it hard to read the screen. i845 should be doable if I can understand & follow the myriad steps.

Thanks, Jerry