Comment 406 for bug 252094

2009/6/5 Radu Cristian Fotescu <email address hidden>:
> 1. The freedesktop bug #18389 was closed with NOTOURBUG, which does NOT
> solve it.
> 2. The freedesktop bug #18389 was opened for openSUSE, so this does NOT
> solve Ubuntu's bug.
> 3. As long as Jaunty is affected by this bug, the bug status can NOT be
> Invalid!

There are a lot of reports of improved performance with using 2.6.30rc
kernels in combination with newer versions of intel drivers from the
x-org edgers PPA's in Jaunty and Karmic.

> I stop using Ubuntu effective now, and I am shredding all the Ubuntu CDs
> I own. This is unacceptable. You're not using your brains. Jaunty is

Keep it cool, eh?!

> severely affected and can't be fixed with the *official* packages for
> 9.04 (kernel, xf86-video-intel), and you are playing with "freedesktop
> closed, Karmic apparently fixed", etc.

It was affected on the day of the release, packages from karmic are
*official* and have been backported via PPA and do fix the problem.
Right now it's the waiting time to decided what will qualify for SRU.
It is Ubuntu policy not to include new versions of software after the

Noone forced you to upgrade to Jaunty. Hardy is LTS and still
supported. If you want stable and long-term machine use LTS releases.
If you upgrade on day of the Release well you should expect that not
everything will work as *you* wish it to work. Look how KDE 4.0 worked
out and you have installed Jaunty 9.04.0 - point 0 version!

With best regards

Dmitrijs Ledkovs (for short Dima),
Ледков Дмитрий Юрьевич