Comment 402 for bug 252094

Bryce Harrington (bryce) wrote :

Radu, your comments are inappropriate, please remain civil. Remember many of the people assisting with people's bugs are volunteers, and expressing your frustration here (while valid) does not help move things towards a solution.

In this case Benjamin is correct, and is simply repeating information already provided earlier in the bug report.

I am closing the Karmic task because the causes of the performance issues on Jaunty are no longer valid on Karmic. There are still some performance issues being tracked, but they're particular to Karmic and due to unrelated reasons; we expect all performance issues should be resolved by Karmic Alpha-3 or Alpha-4.

The causes for performance issues in Jaunty have already been well characterized in other bug reports, and kernel patches are being tracked for potential SRU into Jaunty, if they do not expose other regressions.