Comment 392 for bug 252094

NB (n4xxx) wrote :

I would call a 4-6X improvement an HUGE improvement. However it was Jaunty (and Intrepid) that showed a big drop in performances, so with that guide I can use Compiz and some Wine games again as I did on Hardy. And that is why people compare Jaunty to Hardy. The modified Jaunty performs better than Hardy on my hardware: Extreme Tux Racer is 2 times faster as I said before, so there is an improvement. But you are right: Hardy was slow, compared to Windows and there is still room for more improvements. I'm not saying I'm totally satisfied.
I'm not sure if I can directly compare Exrteme Tux Racer to the Windows port, anyway Extreme Tux Racer for Windows hits 50-60 FPS, a lot more than that "Bleeding-Edge Configuration" for Jaunty.