Comment 5 for bug 141063

Binary package hint: xserver-xorg-video-intel

Thanks to the overlay fix video playing works fine under compiz with new Intel driver but after suspend, which works fine, every xv player shows only a black or blue screen. The sound is working but there is no image. After some seconds, normally after closing the Video player, the laptop freezes completely that even the hardware mute button doesn't work anymore (led doesn't flash). Both problems happen without compiz too but it seems that it takes a little bit longer or another video start after suspend to crash the system. If I don't start any video after suspend Laptop doesn't seem to freeze (independent of compiz).
The freeze isn't similar to the Bug #127101, which often crashes my Laptop too, since it happens without switching video mode and the desktop is still watchable (no gray rectangles).
I hadn't this problem with i810 at least before trying new Intel driver.
I am using Sony TX2 laptop with i915 graphic card and current Gutsy.

Is there any possibility to get the Intel driver without the Overlay fix to check if they are connected?