Comment 82 for bug 1189850


At last, there is some positive dynamic! Though I still from time to time see corrupted rendering of certain elements on some pages, but at least I haven't seen for a while any completely corrupted previews like it was before. Portions of previews could be corrupted, but only those parts which are rendered corrupted while browsing. So now there are no previews consisiting of complete garbage.
(Both previews and pages are rendered via same drawWindow function in firefox as far as I can tell from sources)

Updates that introduced(?) these changes:

libdrm 2.4.43 -> 2.4.44
xorg-server 1.13.1 -> 1.13.4
GTK+ 2.24.16 -> 2.24.17
agg 2.5 -> 2.5-r2 (nothing big, maintainer changed couple of build options; added in the list because I use gnash in Firefox which uses agg, so maybe somehow connected)

There were other updates, but these are the only changes that are possibly related to the effects I see. I was (and currently do) running xf86-video-intel-2.21.6 with disabled FORCE_SYNC all the time.