Comment 24 for bug 1189850

I did git bisecting between 2.20.18 and 2.20.19 and the result is this commit:

dc643ef753bcfb69685f1eb10828d0c8f830c30e is the first bad commit
commit dc643ef753bcfb69685f1eb10828d0c8f830c30e
Author: Chris Wilson <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Jan 17 12:27:55 2013 +0000

    sna: Apply read-only synchronization hints for move-to-cpu

    Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <email address hidden>

:040000 040000 0f53950ba9a9756a39722f12c322c2d629c1a2a4 d5ff0a7307cc718ee94c78ee2fb1c9bf6158ed91 M src

As this bug is not 100% reproducible it could slipped out of my sight during some bisect runs, however it is something to start with. What do you think? Could this sommit lead to the rendering problems I have?