Comment 20 for bug 577340

Welcome to the club, Mark :) As far as I can tell, neither 38 stable nor recent 39-rc1 work with suspend and kms enabled. My system is maverick and the said kernels are custom built from
What you are probably seeing is the same: with kms enabled no resume from suspend, with no dri/kms (radeon.modeprobe=0 or nomodeprobe kernel boot parameter) it resumes fine, while no 3d acceleration is present.
Karesz, how's your Susie based distro experience with an old kernel. Mine won't boot with that kernel version, apparently, and my /home partition is ext4, can you elucidate more on the Susie 11.1 liveCD experience, please.
Sorry, there's still no fix for our video chip.

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