Comment 9 for bug 199923

Peter Cordes (peter-cordes) wrote :

> The upstream developers realize this is a bug in evdev 1.2, which is why it's been fixed in evdev 2.0.

 I think Jeffrey was talking about just the lack of Emulate3Buttons, which is now present in evdev in Intrepid. I don't see anything in its man page about disabling evdev entirely.

 I'd still like to be able to disable evdev so my keyboard will use the old X keycodes for compatibility with programs that depend on them; they're different for the arrow keys:
evdev: left = 113 right = 114 up = 111 down = 116
kbd: left = 100 right = 102 up = 98 down = 104

 I have a Dell DS2161-2 kvm-over-ip switch, and it's over-ip function works by loading a java program that talks to the switch over an encrypted connection. I assume the java program makes use of the keycodes (not keysyms) the viewer gets from X to generate scancodes for the USB keyboard the remote computer sees. When I press up-arrow on my evdev keyboard, Ubuntu on the remote machine runs the gnome screenshot applet. :(

 So the Java program doesn't seem to be portable to other keyboard layouts, or something. I guess I should report it to Dell, but in the meantime I'd rather just be able to kludge around it by using the kbd driver. (Intrepid on my laptop insists on loading evdev when hal sees the touchpad and apparently a ps/2 mouse, and I haven't figured out what devices to put in Xorg.conf to handle everything and thus hopefully prevent X from deciding to use evdev. If I could, I'd just disable HAL or whatever.) My Hardy desktop still uses kbd and mouse, not evdev.

 I'm with Jeffrey on this; it would be really nice if new pieces of system infrastructure were as non-mandatory as possible. e.g. you can still avoid udev if you don't like it.