Comment 7 for bug 138355

1. Uninstalled xserver-xgl and restarted X. KDE session appeared to open normally and worked in it for two or three hours. Tried changing several Compiz settings. But when I tried to log out of the KDE session, it hung hard, no keyboard, no mouse. The only thing that worked were the Alt-SysRq MagicKeys: R-E-I-S-U-B

2. After machine rebooted, tried loading KDE. Keyboard froze while automatically starting a Konsole session. (Thought I had shut down Konsole in previous session, but apparently not) Mouse cursor responded to movement but did nothing. Had to use Alt-SysRq MagicKeys again. Repeated this several times, The only variant was that KDE session froze at different points during its load. Could never restart the X server, nor drop to a VC. Restarted only with the Alt-SysRq MagicKeys.

3. After about fifth reboot, tried starting XFCE again. It started and died several times. Re-installed xserver-xgl and am now sending this message from an XFCE session.