Comment 11 for bug 554069

There are systems (I recall the clients at my university) where you've got all of KDE, Gnome and XFCE installed. And three implementations of a sceensaver. Only one of them should autostart of course. So a decision based on an installed packet doesn't work.

If XFCE is broken my a removal of the xscreensaver autostart entry (which doesn't seem the be the case), then XFCE needs a GUI to enable the screensaver and copy the item to your personal autostart folder. But not a global all-overriding autostart entry. If you don't use a DE but only a WM, I guess you know how to edit your xinit file.

So unless anybody's system is horribly broken by a revert back to a state which worked for ages, could you please stop commenting on this bug an spamming my inbox? :) If you think the decision was wrong, please open a new bug/wish (which will probably be closed instantly).