Comment 21 for bug 67369

Jelle de Jong (jelledejong) wrote :

I got a Samsung SyncMaster 940bw (1440x900) with the same problems and more

The resolution problem was not that big of a problem for me.

I created a modeline with this command: gtf 1440 900 60 -x
I looked for the correct monitor freq range with this command: sudo ddcprobe
some extra command for info: sudo xresprobe via
I added the required data to my xorg monitor section and got my tft working

The big problems are with the fonts dpi resolution:

Tho gather the info form your xsession resolution and the desktop environment resolution use these commands:
xdpyinfo | grep resolution
xrdb -q | grep Xft
They should generate the same dpi values, if not you can have fonts problems, fussy fonts with firefox, openoffice etcetera.

In edgy and dapper i solved this by adding a DisplaySize option to my monitor section but this does not work with feisty.

This calculation I used for the DisplaySize (96 dpi and 25.4 stands for converting inches)
1440/96*25.4 and 900/96*25.4 =
DisplaySize 381 238

1024/96*25.4 and 768/96*25.4 =
DisplaySize 270.93 195.2

This was the text i added in my feisty herd5 test report but i did not received any response on this subject yet:

21: There is a font displaying resolution problem in the Ubuntu distributions.
The commands: xdpyinfo | grep resolution and xrdb -q | grep Xft should give the same resolution (DPI) but they are way off, resulting in blurry fonts in some applications, like in Normally I was able to solve this by calculate and adding a DisplaySize option in the xorg.conf monitor section. But that does not work with feisty!

So I would like a working solution to set the xorg dpi settings sot both commands generate the same info.

I also added a how-to report over the font problem that i made some time ago: