Comment 12 for bug 831336

Nothing particularly unusual I think... gfx card is a ATI Technologies Inc Broadway PRO [Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series]; probably most unusual part of setup is 1920x1080 laptop screen attached to 1920x1200 monitor. Definitely no idea why malloc would fail.

This worked in oneiric until around when bug report was filed (definitely worked ~2 weeks beforehand, then didn't test for a week, then failed). It also worked in natty, although I just remembered that I was seeing the same behavior towards the end of the natty xorg-edgers updates. It fixed when purging xorg-edgers ppa, and then remained fixed on upgrade to oneiric.

will test with gnome-panel/unity/unity2d later today and let you know. Am also able/willing to do any other testing that would help track this down, as its 100% reproducible by starting xterm (and I've also seen X crash more randomly when, for example, opening a new chromium-browser instance).