Comment 11 for bug 831336

Hmm, the code is failing on this line in exa_migration_mixed.c in the server:

            pExaPixmap->sys_ptr = malloc(pExaPixmap->sys_pitch *

However the backtrace doesn't indicate what the values are for sys_pitch or drawable.height, so it's unclear why malloc would fail here.

Can you tell me more about your setup? What makes it unusual compared with a stock Ubuntu instance? Any ideas why memory allocation might be failing?

Also, you mentioned that you saw this "relatively recently" - is your implication that this used to work in oneiric and regressed recently? If so, can you give an estimate as to roughly what day (or range of days) the regression began for you?

You mention gnome-shell... are you able to reproduce this bug *only* in gnome-shell, or do you see it under other window managers like unity or unity-2d?