Comment 21 for bug 774938

Yaroslav Sterkhov (ellanteres) wrote :

@Cris: probably because of it's not clear in which order they will be applied if matrix also used.

Can you suggest link to distro which got it included, I need test it aap, as I have important project hanging which incdues about hundred devices with multiple screens and touchscreens. Was fighting issue about year and a half and is near to deadline..

Personally I think that matrix should be internal thing.. As settings we should have "visual" parameters for matrix calculation, origin point, minx, maxx, miny, maxy, rotation angle. TransformationMatrix isn't even documented properly that it may also rotate and invert axes, heh, info in man is very.. lacking. Had to look into vector math books, at least I had proper education to know that such thing exist (I'm not IT by education, I'm engineer\industrial machinery designer). Normal user or average IT? They wouldn't know.