Comment 14 for bug 774938

sm8ps (sm8ps) wrote :

I would like to second the above statements about the bug still being present in (L)Ubuntu 12.04 with Xorg-Server 2:1.11.4. I am using a eGalax Inc. USB TouchController like Jon Szymaniak. So I had a script calling xinput to set-props 'Evdev Axis Inversion' as well as 'Coordinate Transformation Matrix'. However, even without the axis inversion, the pointer erratically jumps around the location pressed. So it definitively seems to be an issue with applying the transformation matrix.

Using the combined "xinput set-props 'EvdevAxis Inversion' 1 0" and 'Option "Calibration" "105 1927 190 1857"' in xorg.conf.d/99.conf however gives me a decently calibrated, working touch screen without the flickering pointer.