Comment 10 for bug 774938

Jon Szymaniak (jon-szymaniak) wrote :

Quick Update:

I think I'm a bit confused about this -- from what I understand, the evdev SwapAxes option has been deprecated in favor of the coordinate transform matrix. I was interpreting to mean that in my xorg.conf.d script, I could still set the "SwapAxes" in my xorg.conf.d script, and the coordinate transformation matrix would be now be used under the hood. Below is what I was using:

Section "InputClass"
  Identifier "calibration"
  MatchProduct "eGalax"
  Option "Calibration" "76 1895 129 1852"
  Option "SwapAxes" "1"

The above configuration is what still causes the erratic movement. However, I found that to setting "SwapAxes" to "0" and using xinput to set the devices coordinate transform matrix to [ 0 1 0; 1 0 0; 0 0 1] swapped the axes without the erratic movement, but definitely requires further calibration.