Comment 94 for bug 532047

Seth (bugs-sehe) wrote :

@Krug: so that sums up all the symptoms. Do you ever see the scrolllock light come on / flash just before the crash is imminent?
It seems like no risk of crash exists for a while since boot, and then at a certain point (perhaps due to some very slow upstart/init job completing or giving up), something is changed (with me, (sometimes?) resulting in a visual change of the scrollock light) and results in an 'armed' vt2 session, meaning that pressing enter any time from that point in time is certain to crash the X session.

Perhaps I could also try to crash it with some of the named alternative 'trigger' keys, but I haven't (consciously) tried. Most of the time, the crash would hit me before I realized what was going on, being a keyboard person and living mainly in terminal windows. I'll re-read that bug (I must admit I have been skipping some of your recent comments because the raw stream of thoughts was getting a bit confusing to my mind) :)