Comment 90 for bug 532047

Seth (bugs-sehe) wrote :

@Steve Langasek:
To me, your response seems a bit harsh, as it appears (to me) to imply that my judgement must be bad, and I must be jumping to conclusions. I venture, you might be the one jumping to conclusions - or at least using a definition of the word 'fixed' that is incompatible with mine :)

I have been waiting with filing this for weeks, months now, diligently reading _every single_ word in this, and many related bugs, not only on launchpad but also, e.g. on Arch linux. Forgive me if after carefully observing the behaviour again and again I have concluded that _indeed_ this is my problem. I don't know how the supposedly released fix doesn't help me, but I'm totally right (from a user perspective) that this _is_ the same bug in behaviour, symptoms, side-phenomena and probable causes.

As far as I can tell this bug was already against Lucid, so to me it just appears the fix doesn't cover all cases. I _could_ of course open a duplicate of this bug... ? I don't understand. Call me silly if you wish.

For the record, I just visited here because it happened again. This time, I caught the "scroll lock" coming on all by itself in the corner of my eye, at which moment I froze to see whether the crash would happen by itself. It didn't. I then changed vt's to vt1 to investigate. It turned out I had 3 X servers running (:1, :2 and :3; don't know what the third one is around for). The first session (mine) was on vt2 (the apparent root cause). The other two were on vt8 and vt9, as expected. The vt8 and vt9 had '-isig', where vt2 had 'isig' (in stty -F output).

Needless to say, switching back to my X session (the one on vt2) and pressing other keys to complete the command, everything was fine. Just pressing the Enter key crashed the X server. Note that the other X servers kept on running happily. After logging in again, my session is now on an X server in vt10.... (so we have :2 (vt8), :3 (vt9) and :1 (vt10)

Perhaps of interest: I have what you might call a very fast booting system: dual SSD in lvm2 stripes, everything nicely block aligned for the SSDs. My regular boot time used to be around 6 seconds (measured in bootchart). It is now in the 8-9s range. Some of the time, boot time will be slightly longer (up to 20s) and perhaps that is when the symptoms don't occur.
Other specs: Q9550, 8Gb RAM (you can see where all his going to end up being quick...) i386-generic-pae and nvidia-current

Also note, that I have on all occasions performed (many) other keyboard operations before observing the crash: I practically _live_ in shell windows (being a dev + sysadmin addicted to ssh,screen,vim). This is particularly apparent from the fact that in the just-documented occasion, my wife had actually 'switched user' to a second X session, and the problem only manifested itself after switching back to my own session, unlocking the screen, and entering a few commands in the terminal window. It was the flashing-on of the scrollock light that caught my attention in time this time to slow down and observe exactly the situation.

Now if you absolutely insist on me opening a new bug, I will just do so.
Awaiting your confirmation,