Comment 24 for bug 532047

John S. Gruber (jsjgruber) wrote :

Madde, Matteo: I've had both the login problem, and the later "Enter or 2" problem. The difficulty is the keyboard scancodes, so different keyboards can have different triggers if the keyboards have different scancode assignments.

Whenever it happens later, it seems that my crashed X session had been on tty1 (VT1) rather than on tty7 (VT7) or higher. I suspect this symptom might involve the getty program (and maybe plymouth as well).

If your /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old file is still around from the crash I wonder if you could check the beginning of the file to see on what VT X had started (and save it somewhere for possible posting later)?

I've had trouble reproducing the VT1/late crash problem since uninstalling and reinstalling plymouth, but as I typed this reply the first time a few minutes ago X crashed when I typed "2". (Whew!). I checked my session and it had started on tty1 and thus had been vulnerable to whatever getty had been doing to tty1.

There are reports on the situation with late (after the problem key had previously been pressed in an X session--login or after) in LP: #529230. In both my case, and the case of the original reporter, X had started on tty1 (VT1). I don't know about the new case.

I wonder if this late crash problem is related to the situation closed for karmic in LP: #396226.