Comment 20 for bug 532047

VladimirCZ (vlabla) wrote :

I followed the Steve Langasek's instructions:
1) purge and install the plymouth package
2) checked the /etc/init/ folder and found a few new plymouth related files that had not been there before
3) restarted PC and faced the same double loging problem
4) then executed: sudo mv /etc/init/plymouth-splash.conf /etc/init/plymouth-splash.conf.disabled
5) restarted PC and the workaround works since then = single login

But a questions stays: Why there were not the plymouth related files before?
In Synaptic the package was marked as installed, but the files were missing.
I just installed Alpha 3 64-bit and then updated it several times.
I made no operations via terminal that could remove the files.
So it must have been some installation / update bug ...