Comment 110 for bug 532047

John S. Gruber (jsjgruber) wrote :



I don't think this old bug report is a way to get this problem solved as it is already closed. Since you have already looked for a current bug report and can't find one I'd suggest you file a new one yourself. Please don't be shy. I'd suggest you use the approach at since `ubuntu-bug xorg` will collect a lot of pertinent information automatically. That page has lots of useful advice.

WRT your question about viewing your xorg log files yourself, I would would suggest starting gedit and navigate to /var/log/ and the files you want to examine. is great for getting answers to this kind of question, by the way. Here on Launchpad is the best place to get bugs worked on.


The message about the quit signal is just like the ones that occurred with this sort of bug. It might be good to see if there is an error in the still older xorg log.


I think closed bugs don't appear on developers' lists so a new bug report is much better, as Steve Langasek suggested to someone above. In addition gdm was involved in this old bug but now lightdm is used for the sign on screen so this really is a brand new bug even though there are probably events in common and the symptoms are the same.

If you are both having the same problem on Precise perhaps one of you can file the bug and the other can mark it as affecting him as well . You both should attach the logs produced by `ubuntu-bug xorg` to help move the bug toward triaging.