Comment 34 for bug 433928

Dale Amon (amon) wrote :

I have the same problem here (amongst others). I have both error messages discussed. The first is in the normal logs from the boot up:

Dec 20 20:57:38 mourne console-kit-daemon[875]: WARNING: Couldn't read
/proc/858/environ: Failed to open file '/proc/858/environ': No such
file or directory

I manually stopped and started gdm via an ssh root log in and got this message:

Dec 20 21:55:19 mourne gdm-binary[1781]: WARNING: Unable to find users: no seat-id found
Dec 20 21:55:20 mourne gdm-binary[1781]: WARNING: GdmDisplay: display lasted 0.447894 seconds

I do not know if it is connected, but this is a dedicated file server and at some point since I did updates last night it locked up. I could no longer get an ssh login but it was still pingable.

I have also had the seperate issue for well over a year that the vt's in Ubuntu simply do not work on this machine. No idea what they did to break them but suspect it is the use of graphics instead of dumb ascii as this is a circa 1999-2000 motherboard.