Comment 64 for bug 313514

gcb (descartavel1) wrote :

The shotgun solution for this, that does not require to rewrite X protocols, are to:

1) simply remap based on model.
Who cares if microsoft wants my keyboard 4000 zoom keys to be scancode 89354^2? just map it to 139 or any other scan code available (the keyboard does not have more than 255 keys!). also, everyone will map it to mouse buttons 4 and 5 anyway :)

2) or just assign the next non-standard key available.

if standard keys goes up to 127 (don't know, i'm guessing, as this was the old limit), and let's say my natural keyboard 4000 uses keys up to 127 and then goes on to use 140, 141 and 142, and then start using wacky numbers, say 498 and 497 for the zoom thing in the middle. simply map those as 128 and 129, since they are the lowest non-standard (>127 or other number) available.