Comment 46 for bug 313514

I realize I'm coming in pretty late to this bug, but I actually wrote a work-around (I won't presume to call it a "solution", I know it's a hack) to the evdev code that "work for me".

You can see it at

Summary: I added a new option, "evdev_key_remap", whose value should be a string of the format "$evdev_code = $x11_code ..." (a sequence of "assignments" separated by spaces). The PostKbdEvent function will then use those "assignments" to remap the codes coming from the device.

I have it running on my machine, with the new option set to "464=118", so that the "Fn" key in my Apple Aluminium keyboard is treated as the "Ins" key that occupies that space on most other keyboards.

Hope this helps.