Comment 90 for bug 294972


as everybody here I suffer from high cpu usage due to xorg. I must say, that I tried to follow the troubleshooting guide in ubuntu wiki, but I cannot really understand how it can help me. I print the things, they suggest to print, and what...?

Here is the diagnostic of my problem.
I have fresh installation of Ubuntu 9.10 on Dell E6400 laptop. I have Nvidia graphic card with the newest driver 185.18.36. As many of the posts here, I start to have high cpu usage after 2-3 hours working. Then even a change of the desktop is taking 5+ sec and the fan is going crazy, everything is way to slow for a 2 core processor, 4GB or RAM and 40% usage of the HDD. I kill all the x-application which seems to take a lot of the cpu (firefox, terminal, skype) however nothing changes. Neither the system goes back to its normal speed after restart (I need to wait several hours to get it back to normal). I made all the diagnostics to check if it is not a hardware problem - apparently it is not. I added in xorg.con the options suggested by Bjiorn - no effect. I do not have compiz.
I do not know to what my problems are connected. I have them since 5 months. Unfortunately I may move away from ubuntu...

Any comments/suggestions are welcome. I want to say that i surfed a lot to find a solution for my problem, but no way. I could not find any strange message in the log files of xorg, none infinite loop, nothing... I would be happy if at least somebody suggests how to track the problem. Random killing of processing seems to me to be very inefficient (I have more than 150 tasks per session).