Comment 0 for bug 1613708


current build number: 169
device name: frieza
channel: ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris-pd.en
last update: 2016-08-16 10:23:29
version version: 169
version ubuntu: 20160816
version device: 20160809.0
version custom: 20160805--42-20-vivid

Product: BQ M10 FHD

Steps to reproduce:

1º Open LibreOffice and try to print something
2º Print settings window appear, try to click on Accept/Cancel/Exit etc
3º Buttons on LibreOffice won't respond

1º Open Firefox
2º Mouse-over on search,downloads,bookmarks etc
3º Seems like mouse-over is not focused and is clicking is not responding

Current result: Some Xapps buttons are not responding(tested on Firefox and LibreOffice Writer)

Expected result:

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