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Eric Riese (jebuswankel) wrote : Xmoto crashes system after a few minutes of game play

My educated guess is that this brings down the X server because when it crashes it freezes for a few seconds, then the screen blacks and turns on and off. I have to manually turn of the machine and sometimes it shows the little bit of script I see when I kill X with ctrl-alt-backspace. Sometimes when I'm holding the power button to shut it off it goes to the shut down progress bar, the orangey-brown on black one (Usplash?).
I have Intrepid Ibex 8.10. I never had this bug in any previous release. I've found this on the version of xmoto in the repos, 0.4.2-3, and also the newest version compiled from source 0.5.0-1. I have Compiz enabled but it also crashes when compiz is disabled.
I'm on a laptop with an intel 965 chip.