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Bug #1787710: new Bangla keyboard layout Wishlist New 196 weeks

From: Pallab Kumar Biswas
Link: bn

shrabon bangla keyboard layout code

Bug #1102044: Jawi support Undecided New 486 weeks

From: Muhammad Nuzaihan Bin Kamal Luddin
Link: evdev-with-jawi.patch

Change qwerty name to phonetic

Bug #214786: Apple USB ISO keyboard has incorrectly swapped keys Undecided Confirmed 674 weeks

From: Stefan Glasenhardt
Link: hid-apple_iso_layout.patch

Patch to add module option for enabling/disabling ISO layout an Apple USB keyboard

Bug #327963: Error activating XKB configuration with MacBook keyboard model Medium Confirmed 692 weeks

From: Martin von Gagern
Link: bug327963a.diff

Add aliases for mac layouts

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