Comment 17 for bug 12153

Andrew Bennetts (spiv) wrote :

(In reply to comment #14)
> Andrew: Well, what you probably should do is: in gnome-keyboard-properties,
> choose your MODEL: "Hewlett Packard Internet Keyboard", then LAYOUT "USA",
> OPTION "Super is mapped to the Win-keys (default)". I do not understand how you
> managed to choose the HP (hpi6) as VARIANT - it is simply _incorrect_.
> Sorry, the right command line is:
> setxkbmap -model 'pc104' -layout 'us(inet(hpi6))' -option 'altwin:super_win'
> (not 'options' but 'option') - and it should fail. But this one should work:
> setxkbmap -model 'hpi6' -layout 'us' -option 'altwin:super_win'

You're right, that second setxkbmap line works just fine.

Also, configuring gnome-keyboard-properties as you describe seems to work,
although I get the "Error activating XKB configuration." dialog. I suspect that
may be due to misconfiguration in my xorg.conf file, though (where hpi6 is set
as the variant)?

It's too long ago for me to remember, but I think I probably set hpi6 as the
variant based on searching google for how to make the keys on this laptop work,
but I honestly don't remember, and can't find any such page on google now.

Thanks for your help!