Comment 113 for bug 12153

Aidan Fitzpatrick (afit) wrote :

Great comment, Sam. This is getting complicated. Can I propose a simple solution?

In comment 103 of this I described the original upstream bug:

The maintainer insist it's fixed but I disagreed, so I opened another against libgnomekbd as per his suggestion:

Neither one seems to have gone anywhere.

PROBLEM: We can't bind-meta key combinations out of the box without changing configuration and getting unpleasant side-effects.

OBSERVATION: Compiz' CCSM tool captures the right keys perfectly out of the box.

SOLUTION: Delete the code in GNOME keyboard settings and replace it with CCSM code.

Perhaps I'm overlooking some huge technical complexity here, and maybe God kills a kitten every time the CCSM code is run, but really... it better be a big kitten for us not to use it. I'm sure the right fix involves patching libgnomekbd and blah blah blah but life is too short. And 4 years of open bug is too long.