Comment 9 for bug 366683

Jarno Suni (jarnos) wrote :

As for comment #4, there is another opinion:
but I admit that an unexpected pop-up window that steals focus, if it is positioned under mouse pointer, could be annoying. AFAIK single alt-tab helps you to get the hidden window visible, if you know there is such a window.

When the windows manager tweak called "focus stealing prevention" is applied, I expect the focused window not to be covered by the new window. But to have that tweak applied, you have to enable it in settings, start application using startup notification (i.e. StartupNotify=true in its .desktop file), the involved applications have to support focus stealing prevention, and you have to interact with the focused window after you launch the other application, but before its window would pop up. That would be useful with applications that take long time to start, but in my experience, not all core applications support it, like Firefox, see Bug #211533