Comment 5 for bug 366683

Porcelain Mouse (pmouse) wrote :

Despite the fact this bug was reported (in multiple bug reports), the Xfce team seems to be unmoved. All bugs were closed earlier this week, status: Invalid. Their claim is that this behavior--raise new widows regardless of focus--is incorrect, despite the extremely longstanding nature of this behavior and the fact it was a user configurable behavior. I've been over this many times and I cannot comprehend the unexplained assertion by the Xfce team that the behavior I like is just wrong and was impossible to preserve.

This behavior change *might* be a side effect of the following "improvement," listed in the 4.6 Changelog: "Do not automatically give focus to windows placed on lower layers, but focus those on upper layers at first map."

Will the maintainer for this Ubuntu package please help? What are the plans for this bug (in Ubuntu)?