Comment 3 for bug 366683

Porcelain Mouse (pmouse) wrote :


I find this a serious problem because I use Xfce and XUbuntu mostly for just this feature. I like to be able to click in a window without raising it and I do NOT like pop-up/unexpected windows to steal focus. Xfce makes this possible and I think its perfect. To avoid a religious war, let us all agree that all of these styles are equally valid.

Cruncher does a good job explaining why this bug is important, but I just wanted to add that this bug is very new. This behavior is aberrant and I do not think it has anything to do with the settings. New windows should always and have always come to the top of the normal stack space. The meaning of don't-raise-on-focus and don't-focus-new is clear and longstanding.

I'd be happy to help if someone could point me in the general direction.