Comment 1 for bug 200665


Thanks for your bug report.

> But, by default, neither xscreensaver, nor gnome-screensaver is running, and none of the packages providing "xlock" are installed (xlockmore and xlockmore-gl).

One of them should be running, launched when the session starts (by
/etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc line 57). Is there any error in ~/.xsession-errors?

> - Make xfce4-panel depend on xlockmore or xlockmore-gl, so it will be able to lock the screen, even if xscreensaver or gnome-screensaver isn't running.

Imho, the bug isn't in the panel, but rather in xflock4 (the actions
plugin only calls this script). But xfce4-utils which provides xflock4
already recommends "xscreensaver | xlockmore | xlockmore-gl"

> [9) Another suggestion: May be good, to use the keyboard shortcut
> Ctrl+Alt+L to lock the screen. Currently Ctrl+Alt+Del is used, but it
> could be useful, to let lock the screen also with Ctrl+Alt+L as in GNOME
> and KDE.]

If both KDE and GNOME uses Ctrl+Alt+L by default, I guess we can change
xfce4-mcs-plugins default config too. ;)


 affects ubuntu/xfce4-panel
 status invalid

 affects ubuntu/xfce4-utils
 status incomplete
 importance medium
 assignee mrpouit

 affects ubuntu/xfce-mcs-plugins
 status triaged
 importance wishlist

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