Comment 145 for bug 1308105

Wow... thank heavens. I can also very that the patch from Comment #53 has solved this bug that has been driving me nuts for weeks. I would lose my entire X session every single day as soon as the screen blanked... quite troublesome when you're trying to make linux work as your daily drive, haha.

I had to learn how to patch a .deb file properly in the process, but that was worth it too.

Cannot thank you enough, @jkampe68

-- Hardware/Software --
GPU: GTX 970 over DisplayPort 1.2
Monitor: Dell P2715 (4K@60Hz, hardware rev A03)
OS: Xubuntu Xenial (16.04 LTS)
Manually patched xfce4-settings version: 4.12.0-2ubuntu1

Useful links on patching .deb's: