Comment 136 for bug 1308105

Running Xubuntu 16.04.1 with all updates applied as of 31/01/17 this bug affected me when using the HDMI port of a Braswell chipset Shuttle XS36V5. When resuming my Samsung TV from standby the HDMI wouldn't wake up and thus no picture. It was the only display device attached. Tried various combinations of power management settings in UEFI/XFCE/TV to no avail, as well as a different HDMI port on TV as well as different HDMI.

Upon a 'sudo reboot' from SSH or by pressing the power button on the shuttle (had power button set to 'shutdown' instead of 'ask') the TV would wake up within a second or two and show the shutting down logo.

Consulted your Freenode IRC channel, Flocculant suggested applying:

Which i did with 'dpkg -i xfce4-settings_4.12.0-3ubuntu1_amd64.deb && apt-get install -f' and this fixed it. Petition to get this fix applied to a SRU for 16.04 thanks <3